I bought a pack of six oat flours to make it easier for weekend food prep, although at first was making our own oat flour. The only thing I had beside a cake pan was a round cake pan, so I used that. This overnight oats recipe calls for two nutritional superstars: flax and chia seeds. Whether you eat them raw or cooked, oats make for an ideal weight loss boosting food. Warm oats can be cooked on the stovetop, in the microwave, baked in the oven or a crock pot. Just made this recipe, it’s amazing! I am sold. It’s our passion to share healthy everyday recipes that you can enjoy on a daily basis because they aren’t just tasty, but also actually good for you! can you make your own applesauce? This makes them look pretty but can cause the coconut flakes and chia seeds in particular to fall off. Quickly mix together wet and dry ingredients. I have some almond flour that I’m trying to use up, do you think I could swap it for the oat flour? How much? Who doesn't love peanut butter, banana, and chocolate? 1/3 cup honey. Oats Pancakes, Dosas, Uttapams. ½ cup almond milk Forget coffee—the chia seeds in these oats can provide the energy you need to power your day. Overnight oats: Benefits for health, weight loss, and recipes Contrary to popular belief, overnight oats have an amalgamation of health benefits for the body and work wonders for weight loss. ), banana or dates for sweetness and nuts or seeds for protein and healthy fats, you’ve got yourself a pretty darn healthy and nourishing snack! So as long as you're OK with eating soggy oats on day 4, you should be good to go! Oatmeal, a whole grain, is high in fiber, proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Give this unique dish a try—your taste buds will thank you. 1-1/2 cups uncooked quick oats. These will be great to bring into work for an east breakfast. We recommend eating overnight oats in 2 days for optimal flavor and texture. As we said, this creates a healthy and versatile base for all the delicious, colorful, crunchy or chewy add-ons you want to go for! Because you'll be using rolled oats, which are already pre-cooked, allowing the oats to soak in a liquid overnight is enough to soften the grain to the same texture as would cooking. Depends on how thick you want the oat bars to be, of course. I’d use a slightly smaller quantity as applesauce does add more liquid compared to a banana. I made the bars bur they did not look like yours, more like a solid cake. The best healthy overnight oats recipes for weight loss. Get the recipe from The Breakfast Drama Queen. Loaded with disease-fighting antioxidants and stomach-filling fiber, blueberries are a great addition to your morning breakfast bowl. There's not much to hate about a combination of sweet and salty flavors topped with crunchy pecans, and even the nutritional stats are on point. I wasn’t sure what size pan to use. This Mason jar breakfast is perfect for the peanut butter lovers out there. You can make it more cakey or more bar like and put just about any mix in you can think of. When you have oatmeal for weight loss, they keep you full and active the rest of the day. Best of all, it's totally customizable—add your favorite nutritious mix-ins such as fresh fruit, sliced nuts, or a dollop of peanut butter. That means you should keep overnight oats for no more than 4 days in the refrigerator. I actually never tried this but I’d swap it for the same amount in weight and see whether I end up with a good consistency of the batter or if I’d need to adjust with some more or less liquid, for example. Lowering the overall calorie density is the best approach to healthy weight management, so the whole food plant-based ingredients in our easy oat bar recipe already fill that bill. Allow them to sit at room temperature for at least 30 minutes to defrost before eating (or a bit less if you’re up for a very cold oat bar). Thanks! Hoping to try to make these in the next couple of days – just wondering if you can swap out the oat flour for GF all purpose flour and if so how the conversion would work. Almonds add a nice crunch to this sweet and satisfying breakfast. Add oats and toasted almonds; mix well. I will definitely make again, thanks for sharing! Cannot tell you the exact amount right now but you’ll notice once the right texture of the batter is created :) Let us know how they turn out! Thank you! Just use the same quantities — I did a little research and found that the average banana weighs 6.5 oz so use 13 oz of canned pumpkin :) start with less than that and see when the batter comes together nicely. Thanks for sharing! Just made these and they are not only perfect as a great snack or quick meal but so healthy and yummy! Is there any alternative for the bananas? Oatmeal Water For Weight Loss. Some weight-loss diets give oatmeal a bad rap, but science says otherwise.