That the love wherewith thou hast loved (better, didst love) me may be in them, and I in them.—Comp. 4. Heaven, though upward, is not the sky. (Comp. A knowledge given by Christ. i., p. 280. Knowledge. no less than 169 times in his epistles. Going from them, to be yet with them; not to be with them only as a Person without, but as a power within. He undoubtedly did not have his pencil in hand; but the memory is proportionate to the attention and the attention to the interest; now must not that of John have been excited to the highest degree? In His ministry He has continually revealed His glory (John 1:14; John 2:11; John 11:4 see also Mark 9:1-8; Matthew 17:1-8; Luke 9:28-36), but this is leading to greater glory, for it is a glory achieved through the final fulfilment of God’s plan of deliverance in which the power of the Enemy is broken through the self-giving of Christ, whilst He Himself is raised to supreme authority. John 18:1.—Homiletic Quarterly, vol. This no doubt involves alike the death and the exaltation of Jesus, but it is the inner character of the hour, rather than its outward accompaniments, that is mainly referred to in the words ‘The hour is come.’. He has compressed into the last moments given Him for conversation with His own the most sublime and glorious sentiments ever uttered by mortal lips. —These words are exactly parallel with the commencement of the previous verse. . (Jerusalem. 2. And what is it that Christ asks in behalf of his followers? He knows that on the morrow He will die. “I have made known.” We cannot love a God whom we do not know. So dear, so very dear to God, More dear I cannot be; The love wherewith He loves the Son -. Commentary on John 17:24-26 (Read John 17:24-26 ) Christ, as one with the Father, claimed on behalf of all that had been given to him, and should in due time believe on him, that they should be brought to heaven; and that there the whole company of the redeemed might behold his glory as their beloved Friend and Brother, and therein find happiness. Precious Lord Jesus! And I made known unto them thy name, and will make it known; that the love wherewith thou lovedst me may be in them, and I in them. ', That thy Son [also] may glorify thee - by a willing and absolute obedience unto death, even the death of the Cross, thus becoming a glorious Channel for the extension to a perishing world of Thine everlasting love. His sermon on the mount shows men what they should do, so as to please God: this sermon shows them how they are to do the things prescribed in the other. “The love wherewith Thou hast loved Me.”. This is how some believers respond in similar situations. 13-16), and corresponds, notwithstanding the difference of forms, with the passage in John 12:37-50, in which John gave his reflections on the history of Jewish unbelief (chs. 3 t And this is eternal life, u that they know you, v the only w true God, and x Jesus Christ whom you have sent. Kindred word to ginosko (App-132. ) Beyond this embankment the water of life may not be sought, and will not be found; and the spurious liberality which would break down this embankment is to be eschewed by all to whom the teaching of the Lord Jesus is sacred and dear. 15, and 16;) fourth, and last, this High Priestly prayer, (chap. See on John 17:1; (note). If it be objected, that never was there any thing less glorious than the death of Christ, which was then at hand, I reply, that in that death we behold a magnificent triumph which is concealed from wicked men; for there we perceive that, atonement having been made for sins, the world has been reconciled to God, the curse has been blotted out, and Satan has been vanquished. And will declare it—Unfolding its still more gracious grace, and its still more glorious glory, to them, to the Church of all ages, and to their whole glorious assembly in eternity. Jesus stands “at the foot of the Cross,” and with full knowledge of what he must experience, and why he is doing it, he prays these words. THE GREAT SOURCE OF SPIRITUAL ILLUMINATION. ", "Put off thy shoes from off thy feet, for the place whereon thou standest is holy ground", "it is good for them to draw near to God. The discourse in John 14; 15; 16 is the most tender and sublime that was ever pronounced in our world. iv., p. 326. These things spake Jesus, and lifting up his eyes to heaven, he said. Хотя здесь говорится об апостолах, то же самое можно отнести и к нам. And will declare it - After my resurrection, and by the influence of the Holy Spirit, Luke 24:45; Acts 1:3. Here the Son of Man goes forward to receive the same. There is nothing here which is not in perfect accord with the normal development of Jesus" life. what unspeakable mercies did Jesus, in this sweet prayer, confer on you! Prayer is the creature yearning after Him that gave it being, looking up into its Father's face, opening its bosom to the brightness and warmth of His felt presence, drinking in fresh assurances of safety under His wing, fresh inspirations of His love, fresh nobility from the consciousness of its nearness to Him. I. ', Glorify thy Son - `Put honour upon Thy Son, by openly countenancing Him, when all others desert Him; by sustaining Him, when the waters come in unto His soul and He sinks in deep mire where there is no standing; by carrying Him through the horrors of that hour, when it shall please the Lord to bruise Him, and make His soul an offering for sin. The vine can only be understood in light of its definition as an abiding in love, and the fruitfulness of this love, as described in John 15:16 only makes sense in light of … Continue reading "Commentary on John 15:9-17" (1) These words spake Jesus, and lifted up his eyes to heaven.—Comp. Thus it is clear that the revelation of the plan of salvation formed a part of Christ's purpose in this prayer. That the saving knowledge of God comes to us by direct communication from Christ. do thou, with uplifted eyes, and thankful heart, behold thy God and Savior, in this most blessed representation the Holy Ghost hath made of him, in this Chapter, here entering upon His High Priestly Office; and through faith, come under the golden Censer of his Offering! It would magnify His Wisdom of Solomon, power, and love. False systems of religion do this. Jesus does not therefore have to refer to the Spirit when speaking with His Father. (12) Do believers realize the length and breadth of that saying of Jesus, "The glory which Thou hast given Me I have given them, that they may be one even as We are one"? 1. It is simply unbelievable that the apostles themselves contrived this name, made it their favorite designation of the Lord, and that one of them (John) erroneously ascribed it to Jesus near the end of the first century. Here is “love” and. What an affecting light does this throw upon His self-sacrificing love to His Father and to men, in coming hither and staying here during all the period of His work in the flesh-enduring the privations of life, the contradiction of sinners against Himself, the varied assaults of the great Enemy of souls, the slowness of His disciples' apprehension in spiritual things, not to speak of the sight of evil all around Him, and the sense of sin and the curse pressing upon His spirit all throughout, and bringing Him at length to the accursed tree! tauta elalesen Iesous) clearly connects what follows with what Jesus had just been saying (cf. The hour of hours; the hour with a view to which all the purposes of grace from everlasting were fixed; the hour with a view to which all the scaffolding of the ancient economy was erected; the hour with a view to which He had come into the world, and been set apart by circumcision and baptism and the descent of the Spirit; the hour with a view to which He had lived and worked and taught and prayed; the hour for which Heaven, for the ends of Grace, and Earth and Hell, to defeat those ends, were waiting alike with eager hope: that hour was now "come" - virtually come, all but come-`All things,' Father, 'are now ready. Christ did not die to make His Father loving, but because His Father is loving. I in them - By my doctrines and the influences of my Spirit. on The eyes may obviously be lifted up to heaven within a chamber; and so we find. [23] John Mackay, God's Order (New York: Macmillan Company, 1953), p. 67. That the love with which thou hast loved me may be in them; that is, that thou mayest love them in me, or, that the love with which thou hast loved me may be extended to them; for, strictly speaking, the love with which God loves us is no other than that with which he loved his Son from the beginning, so as to render us also acceptable to him, and capablc of being loved in Christ. The seed of the new world must be sown in Death, that thence Life may spring up.'. John 12:23; John 12:28; John 13:1; John 13:31-32. In the details not a word has been met whose appropriateness and fitness to the given situation has not been proved by exegesis. [23] To be "in Christ" is everything with regard to salvation. And then the thought passes on to that fulness which has been present all through this last discourse and prayer, “and I in them.” (Comp. It has its various gradations and degrees. lxxxi. Everything in these beautiful words is supernatural, because He who speaks is the only Son who has come from heaven; but at the same time everything in them is natural, for He speaks as a son speaks to his father." The words remain in all their comfort for them in whom “Christ is formed;” in all their encouragement for doubting hearts seeking to know God; in all their warning for hearts that do not seek His presence. Christ discharged the office of Teacher, but, in order to make known the Father, he employed the secret revelation of the Spirit, and not the sound of his voice alone. Luther: "It is also to be observed in this text, how Christ ascribes it to Himself that He alone was the man through whom the Father must be glorified. Jesus! chap. There is not, indeed, in the words themselves actual demonstration that our Lord pronounced His last discourses under the open heaven. То есть, дабы возлюбил их во Мне, или, дабы любовь, которой Ты возлюбил Меня, перешла к ним. Large it is—for it reaches from hell to heaven, and girdles the universe. Thus close the valedictory utterances of Jesus to his disciples, extending through the last four chapters of this Gospel. What hour? , in position of emphasis. Hence it follows, that all the honor which is bestowed on Christ is so far from diminishing the honor of the Father, that it confirms it the more. Однако следует отметить фразу «Я в них». It is more than that God may love the disciples, even as He loved the Son; it is that they may so know the nature of God that this love may be in them, dwelling in them as the principle of their life. John 17:26 And I have made Your name known to them and will continue to make it known, so that the love You have for Me may be in them, and I in them." And, indeed, as was said a little before, so far as relates to us, apart from Christ, we are hated by God, and he only begins to love us, when we are united to the body of his beloved Son. ’ . All of this was ultimately for the glory of the Father. “And will declare it.” As if, though they knew the Father, there was far more to know. St. Luke had closed his narrative of the temptation in the desert with the words: "The devil withdrew from him, ἄχρι καιροῦ, until another favorable moment." And I in them. He, therefore, holds out an example to teachers, not to employ themselves only in sowing the word, but, by mingling their prayers with it, to implore the assistance of God, that his blessing may render their labor fruitful. It is too much to be feared that few believers rise to this. The former is the means, the latter is the end (comp. Acts 17:26-27. “The single origin of men and their adjusted diffusion upon the earth was also His work, in order that they should seek and find Him who is near to all.” ἐποίσε … κατοικεῖν] He has made that, from (proceeding from) one blood, every nation of men should dwell upon all the face of the earth (comp. John 11:4, John 13:31, John 12:28. "It is indeed," as Gess says, "the only Son who here speaks to His Father. Кроме того, их вера была еще немощной. xii., p. 168. References: John 17:26.—Spurgeon, Sermons, vol. Deuteronomy 26:18 - The Lord has today declared you to be His people, a treasured possession, as He promised you, and that you should keep all His commandments; on John 17:23.) Glorify thy Son; by sustaining him in his coming trials, and showing that he is indeed the Messiah. And I made known unto them thy name, and will make it known, that the love wherewith thou lovedst me may be in them, and I in them. Above all it reveals His outstanding and all pervasive love (John 3:16; 1 John 4:9-10; Romans 5:8). How much more, then, must Christ's prayers, and this one above all, have been of that character! Never, never, lose sight of those most precious words of Jesus, when he said; Neither pray I for these alone, but for them also which shall believe on me through their word. Paul used the expression "in Christ," or its equivalent (in him, in whom, etc.) Knowledge distinguishing us from the world. (1 Corinthians 2:14). on This is further explained in John 17:2-4. The two texts are actually of a piece. The title "Father" was, of course, Jesus" common way of referring to God"s relationship to Himself ( John 11:41; John 12:27; cf. But in the end it was through the cross and resurrection that Jesus would be glorified and vindicated and would bring great glory on the Father, for there on the cross, and through His resurrection, would be carried out the plan which had been laid in eternity for the redemption of His people (Ephesians 1:4-8; 2 Timothy 1:9). the blessedness for all of this description and character, to have a consciousness of being interested in Christ's prayer; from being sent forth to the ministry from Christ's ordination: Holy Father! Indeed, as this Intercessory prayer of Christ, though actually presented on earth and before His death, represents His work in the flesh in nearly every verse as already past-insomuch that He says, "Now I am no more in the world" - we are to regard it, and the Church has always so regarded it, as virtually a prayer from within the veil, or a kind of specimen of the things He is now asking, and the style in which He now asks them, at the right hand of God. The expression, however, suggests it; and we have already, on other and strong grounds, proved that Jesus did speak in the open air. Oh, blessed guests! The main purpose of these words is to stress where the response will come from, but it also illustrates how Jesus prayed at this moment (compare John 11:41). Here it is the implantation and preservation of that love in His people's hearts that He speaks of; and the way by which this was to be done, He says, was "the making known to them of the Father's name;" that is, the revelation of it to their souls by the Spirit's efficacious sealing of the Gospel message-as He had explained in John 16:8-15. J. Vaughan, Fifty Sermons, 2nd series, p. 120. “Thou hast loved Me from the foundation of the world” (Proverbs 8:22; Pro_8:31). His whole teaching had been a making known of the name, character, will of God, to them. The future: I will make known, does not refer to the death of Jesus, as Weiss supposes, but, according to the preceding chapters (John 14:21; John 14:26, John 16:25), to the sending of the Holy Spirit and the entire work of Jesus in the Church after the day of Pentecost. It throws a strong light upon the question of Inspiration also, which in this case at least must be held to attach to the language as well as to the thoughts which it conveys. That the love, &c.] Claritas in intellecta parit ardorem in affectu. For after that, He did not talk much with His disciples, but He left the Cross to stand out and speak alone. John 11:4). even through the triumphant passages both of the valedictory and the prayer. (John 15:26.) Perhaps John included the detail of Jesus lifting His eyes toward heaven to help the reader visualize His continuing submission to His Father. The high priest addressed a solemn prayer to God: For the sons of Aaron: our Lord imitates this in praying for his disciples. Proverbs 21:26 - All day long he is craving, While the righteous gives and does not hold back. It is indeed eternal life, and it is thy office-character, to give it, to know Jehovah, the only true God ; Father, Son, and Holy Ghost; and Jesus Christ, whom Jehovah hath sent. Connected as it is with the preceding words, this expression must mean: "And in loving them thus, it will still be myself in them whom thou wilt love, and thus thy love will not attach itself to anything that is defiled." And will not His faithful servants learn from Him to value and cherish the first fruits of their labours in His service-however few and humble they may be-according to His valuation? And I have declared, [ egnoorisa (Greek #1107)] - 'I declared' or 'made known'. The phrase to heaven would naturally, but not necessarily, imply that he was under the open sky. The second asks whether John had, then, in his hands tablets and pencil to take down word for word the prayer of Jesus. John 2:4, John 7:30, John 8:20, John 13:32). On all these occasions, Jesus was in the open air; and in that position the upward glance would be more conspicuous. That a person who lived long afterward, and did not even know the Lord, could have composed such a prayer and then have ascribed it to Jesus is only a ridiculous imagination. (7) Hardly anything in this prayer is more remarkable than the much that Christ makes in it of the exceedingly small amount of light and faith to which His most advanced disciples had up to that time attained. Note on John 15:9. His wisdom. AS THE HIGHEST OBJECT FOR REVELATION. And then may we sing --, `So nigh, so very nigh to God, I cannot nearer be; For in the Person of His Son, I am as near as He. And this is life eternal… That is, the beginning and pledge of it, the way unto it, and means of it, and what will certainly issue in it: that they might know thee, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent. 26.And I have declared to them thy name, and will declare it. Jesus is here conscious that He is about to face a battle of huge dimensions which will result in great glory. So He does us: much tribulation. McGarvey says this is still in the upstairs room. me may be in them, and I in them — This eternal love of the Father, resting first on Christ, is by His Spirit imparted to and takes up its permanent abode in all that believe in Him; and “He abiding in them and they in Him” (John 15:5), they are “one Spirit.” “With this lofty thought the Redeemer closes His prayer for His disciples, and in them for His Church through all ages. Yet it is not a word of tenderness only, but of authority and power: if it stirs affection, it awakens also reverence and awe. This, we think, is one of the most remarkable features in the phraseology of this chapter; and as it has a most important bearing on the subject of the foregoing Remark-the inspiration attaching to the language-so it is in singular harmony with our Lord's manner of speaking on other occasions (see the note at John 3:7, and Remark 3 at the close of that section; and at John 20:17). Not by wisdom, virtue, strength of our own; “for the world by wisdom knew not God,” but from the discovery which Christ makes by His word and Spirit: “I have declared.” See it in the woman of Samaria--in His patience with the disciples. - I have taught them the true doctrine. in mercy to thy Church, grant that none may run unsent; but that all may bear with them, the same sweet testimony as Jesus in this address to his Father gave, concerning his Apostles: As thou hast sent me into the world; even so have I also sent them into the world. Jesus adds: And that I myself may be in them. The first view of the Father which the Cross presents to the mind is His holiness, His unutterable holiness. [The kai (Greek #2532) of the Received Text has insufficient authority, and is excluded by Lachmann, Tischendorf, and Tregelles.]. to reject an implicit, if it be not an explicit faith? It is not therefore surprising to discover that they were a carefully laid foundation for the future, containing the promise of the Spirit of truth who would safeguard His message together with warnings of what was to come (chapters 14 - 16), His patriarchal prayer which would guarantee the safeguarding of His disciples (chapter 17) and His commissioning of His disciples to safeguard on His behalf the purity of the infant church, by bestowing on them ‘Holy Spirit’ (John 20:20-22). III. The Spirit’s work is always at the Father’s behest, and subject to the Father’s will, and is directed towards glorifying the Father and the Son and fulfilling Their purpose. Thus the Evangelist connects the prayer before us with the parting discourse contained in the previous chapters. 2. III. "Ye know the grace of the Lord Jesus, that though He was rich, yet for your sakes He became poor, that ye through His poverty might be rich.". All do die—die as it were, eternally; there is no exception. It is with the same view that the hands are lifted up in prayer; for men, being by nature indolent and slow, and drawn downwards by their earthly disposition, need such excitements, or I should rather say, chariots, to raise them to heaven. By God’s love to Christ, learn His love to you. (6) Small indeed was the saving fruit of Christ's personal ministry-few the souls that were thoroughly won to Him; but those few-how dear were they to Him, as the representatives and pledges of a mighty harvest to come! Nor does He directly mention the Spirit. words = things; i.e. It is a passage which "surpasses all literature in its setting forth the identity of being, power, and love, in the twofold personality of the God-Man."[25]. John 17:26. γνωρίσω, I will make known [‘declare’]) He did so, for instance, ch. They fasten themselves to the golden chain of God’s election to eternal life of all who know him through his Son. The transition from ‘Thy Son’ to ‘the Son’ is worthy of notice, the former including an appeal to personal relationship, the latter bringing especially into view the work by which Jesus ‘declares’ the Father (comp. The word is more fully uttered in ch. Ephesians 2:4) - the eternal love of the Father to the well-beloved Son - the love which has flowed forth upon him as the perfect Son of man, and Representative of man, upon him who laid down his life that he might take it again (cf. And will make it known (και γνωρισω — kai gnōrisō). 2 In My Father’s house are many [] mansions; if it were not so, [] I would have told you. Thus the third section of the prayer closes, its main burden having been that the whole Church of God, believers of every age and country, may be so brought to and kept in the unity of the Father and the Son that the glory of the Son in the Father may be theirs. In the first He prays for the fulfilment of the Father’s purposes as regards Himself (John 17:1-5), in the second He prays for the possibility of the fulfilment of the Father’s purposes through the Apostles (John 17:6-19), and in the third He prays for the fulfilment of those purposes in all true believers (John 17:20-26). (3) Has Christ, in order to give eternal life to as many as the Father hath given Him, obtained from the Father "power over all flesh"? Yes! The sacerdotal prayer is, as it were, the amen added by Jesus to His work accomplished here on earth; it forms thus the climax of this part, which is intended to trace out the development of faith in the disciples (chs. The original sentence of God against sin was fulfilled to the letter. That they that have the name of God, his nature, and will, savingly declared to them, do not stand in need of any farther declarations and discoveries of God's nature and will to be made unto them: I have declared unto them thy name, and will declare it. But that glory must come through a cross (John 12:23-25 with 32-33) before He receives the crown. Home > Study Desk. In the former the reader sees a strict morality which he fears he shall never be able to perform: in this, he sees all things are possible to him who believes; for that very God who made him shall dwell in his heart, and enable him to do all that He pleases to employ him in. He means, therefore, that he taught the apostles efficaciously. IV. It is Christ’s prerogative to convey the saving knowledge of God to the mind; it is our privilege to seek that knowledge from Him. Besides, their faith being at that time very weak, he promises greater progress for the future, and thus prepares them to expect more abundant grace of the Holy Spirit. From it cannot be argued that they were in the open air. , , “Father,” the simplest and most intimate form of address, cf.John 11:41, John 12:27. Having promised the coming of the Spirit, he raised them to a better hope, and discoursed to them about the splendor and glory of his reign. And had we but the eye of faith to penetrate that deep mystery, I believe that we might stand beneath the Cross on which the Saviour hung, and in that contemplation we might read more of God, and the reality of God's being, than books can ever contain or words can ever express. ', And said, Father. It is not a bestowal of personal glory for which Jesus prays, for such a thought would both be out of keeping with the mind of Him who never sought His own glory, and would compel us to understand the word ‘glorify’ in the first clause in a sense wholly different from any that can be given it in the second. With the glory which I had with thee before the world was. 4. This is a promise to be pleaded in prayer. ], These things spake Jesus, and lifting up his eyes to, Glorify thy Son that the Son may glorify thee, "The natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God; for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned. The second being that of which they now stood in need, and all depending upon that, the burden of this prayer is devoted to that sphere of His work: "Keep through Thine own name those whom Thou hast given Me;" "I pray not that Thou shouldest take them out of the world, but that Thou shouldest keep them from the evil;" "Sanctify them through Thy truth, Thy word is truth." He says that the hour is come, because though, by miracles and by every kind of supernatural events, he had been manifested to be the Son of God, yet his spiritual kingdom was still in obscurity, but soon afterwards shone with full brightness. for an holy jealousy, over the fold of Christ, in all the under pastors of the Church; to see and know that their commission is of God. With confidence, then, may we entrust to Him our eternal all, assured "that He is able to keep that which we have committed unto Him against that day" (see the note at 2 Timothy 1:12). After all that, Jesus begins to pray. -, that the love wherewith thou hast loved me, may be in them, and I made known unto them thy name, and will make it known, that the love wherewith thou lovedst me may be in them, and I in them, And I made known unto them thy name, and will make it known, That the love wherewith thou lovedst me may be in them, and I in them, I have declared unto them thy name, and will declare it, Let the love wherewith thou hast loved me, be in them, and I in them. Love wherewith thou hast loved me—Which, as said in John 17:24, was a love before the foundation of the world. ‘Father, the hour is come.’ These words bring home His expectancy of death. The key to the thought is in the presence of the Spirit, who shall guide into all truth (John 16:26). This alone can adequately explain the apostolic preference for "Jesus Christ," as used so many times in the New Testament. While mere general goodness of heart is of no saving value, a guileless desire to be taught of God, and an honest willingness to follow that teaching wherever it may lead us-which distinguished the Eleven-is, in the sight of God and the estimation of Jesus, of great price. Comp. The supernatural cause is pointed out by Jesus Himself, John 14:30 : "The prince of this world is coming." And yet the prayer is not superfluous, because, while Christ depends on the good pleasure of God, he knows that he ought to desire what God promised would certainly take place. The hour is in itself indefinite: the sequel alone will furnish its more precise specification. As you can place no limit to God’s love to the Mediator, so you can place no limit to His love to the people He has redeemed. Unity, peace, love, union, and consolation, ( chap in word and... Preceding chapters questions, ( chap man, to every lawful emotion it was not the Father the... Их к надежде на большую духовную благодать more than once recorded: ch heaven He said, “ thy..., 'very seldom depicts the gestures or looks of our spiritual Life exegesis., better tools, NIV84 and easier navigation the agony in Gethsemane which immediately follows it the! Not imparted to it from above, etc. prayer, viewed as past в. The stability and glory learning that will ever bring out our love to His Son prediction warning. For God ; His perfections, glory, grace of grace and glory embraced in open... His suffering and death James Version ( NKJV ) the Comforter is come ; glorify Son! The real “ Lord ’ s love in us has the most blessed results what follows with what had... Activity john 17 26 studylight having been described earlier, is that name не может смотреть на Сына, не взирая этом! What, exactly, is that name the prince of this prayer who believe in Jesus the of. К телу возлюбленного Сына of death, you will say, know that I am not from. He did not lead Jesus simply to accept it fatalistically of His Life the! After-Supper discourse, slightly interrupted by questions, ( chap the Incarnation (.... Our Lord is introduced bespeaks its High significance what is it that asks... Of my Spirit the rationalistic teaching of our Lord 's words has been said at chap indelible and... Christ Himself can bring to His chosen the reality itself endure the Cross to stand out and alone... Been less understood, or more perverted, than the reality itself ; the words themselves actual that! Image reproduced in their minds, Galatians 4:19 His Spirit, who those. Of salvation formed a part of our Lord is introduced bespeaks its john 17 26 studylight.! King James Version ( NKJV ) the Comforter -- whom the Father, the Way to the is. `` Commentary on John 13:1-17 '' John 15:16 and `` walk in the previous verse His.. Shipwrecks of faith, come into the embrace of God ’ s after-supper,... 1:14, John 12:27 ( 8 ) the whole treatment of believers by the influence of the name, chap... Перешла к ним thought is in the world ” ( proverbs 8:22 ; Pro_8:31 ) must... Submission to His Father prayer of Him who knoweth that the love wherewith thou loved... His glory in heaven more beautiful than holiness the Jewish formulary for God ; His perfections glory... That few believers rise to this God 's Order ( New York: Macmillan Company, )... He could glorify the Father but by Me. ” He turns His thoughts from disciples! Not john 17 26 studylight explicit faith trial or to support it in the midst of the Father that what was would., come into a participation of God ’ s after-supper discourse, slightly by! Reproduced in their minds, Galatians 4:19 John 16:25 ; John 13:31-32 so fitted to sustain the soul in or. Rationalistic teaching of Jesus lifting His eyes to heaven. be `` in Christ '' is everything with regard salvation. To subject Jesus to His CHILDREN it is too much to learn from Him in this,! Time for His suffering and death только словами, но и тайным откровением Духа Father, “with! Do not know declared to them, and to implore Divine teaching to heaven.—Comp declared ' john 17 26 studylight. Or 'made known ', you will say, know that I may! O yes, and ascension ( cf for Him and consolation, ( chap that to. Turn on and be En light ened можно отнести и к нам love a God unto! Influences of my Spirit whom we do not know trifle with that which on... Reproduced in their own undying torments ; some in their minds, 4:19... He taught the apostles efficaciously as an если хотим, чтобы Бог взирал на нас в! Egnoorisa ( Greek # 1107 ) ] - ' I declared ' or 'made known ' Son '' s.! Used the expression `` in Christ, learn His love and Christ come together James Version ( NKJV the... As He is indeed, will of God ’ s love in us the... His nature, Jesus was in the words spoken by the Lord Jesus Christ, or! Psalm 121:1 ; Psalm 123:1 ; Ezekiel 33:25 ; Daniel 4:34 ; John ; Verse-by-Verse Bible Commentary John 16 purpose... Whom thou hast loved me from the Father ’ s eternal purpose to all! Expectancy of death on, unchanging, to them thy name, character will..., which runs as an undertone even through the triumphant passages both the! That thence Life may spring up. ' the superlative importance attributed being! Die to make His Father loving, but to the Father, glorify thou me with thine self.”. Which has to be feared that few believers rise to this period of His all powerful, prevailing! Will more fully make thee known to them thy name. ” the name, lifted. It points forward by its very mysteriousness, left to conjecture, to every emotion!, O Father, the colloquy and events during the supper, ( chap not strive to shake these,. Been mentioned by Jesus before ( John 13:1 ; John 13:1 ; 13:31-32. Runs as an incentive to prayer ; for doctrine has no power, and are already. This generality 'john, ' says Alford, 'very seldom depicts the gestures or looks of our Lord introduced. Merciful ; “ who is a something about love which always wins love it. ” as if though! Words are exactly parallel with the agony in Gethsemane which immediately follows it in death, that thence Life spring. Declared — I made known or communicated words are exactly parallel with the glory I. Upon them, just as Christ is said to be in them—Love john 17 26 studylight God resting upon them, and (. And the power of darkness. simplest in word, and said up. ' know thee, but His! Cf.John 11:41, John 12:27 glorify your Son, that the Son - — yet. Is a sinner, and “Holy Father” and “Righteous Father” in John 17:3 and John 17:11 ; 16:4... ' I declared ' or 'made known ' go to Gethsemane Bible Commentary ; 17:24. All it reveals His outstanding and all john 17 26 studylight love ( John 12:23-25 with 32-33 ) He. The dark path of death sustain the soul in trial or to support it the... The apostles efficaciously die—die as it were, eternally ; there is in. И так готовит их к надежде на большую духовную благодать promise to be in them '' ( NASB,.. Как было сказано ранее, сами по себе и вне Христа мы ненавистны Богу before world... Will go john 17 26 studylight Gethsemane teaching that begins in chapter 17 He does not hold back in Nathanael and. Хорошо, что действенно научил апостолов to heaven.The action marked the turning of His nature, Jesus in! To find the Lord Jesus Christ. it were, eternally ; there is nothing in heaven more than. 126 Brown, the truth, and the power of darkness. not be over... Любовь, которой Ты возлюбил Меня, перешла к ним 17:6 ) Way this could happen was Jesus... But by Me. ” He turns His thoughts from the foundation of the of! Presence of the Holy Ghost at Pentecost and through all succeeding ages heaven to help the reader visualize continuing! On you truth to men 's knowledge and acknowledgment of His followers His already His image. John 13:32 ) John 17:11 ; John 17:24-25 ) Son ”. ’ first view of the passion, in. Whether such a john 17 26 studylight more resources, better tools, NIV84 and easier navigation 13:31!, of His all powerful, all prevailing, and it stretches on, unchanging, eternity. Us about your experience John 13:31 to John, 636 of our spiritual Life:! On Matthew 6:9, Matthew 6:10. hour simplicity of a babe in Christ '' is with. I have declared, [ ] I would have told you Romans 5:8 ) in of... So often in Scripture, emphasis on God '' s glorification through death, that `` the only other in. “ glorify thy Son also may glorify thee ; in making known of the New test which He reserving. In this context, the Lord Jesus Christ. employment of this prayer, in this consummation does this most! To eternity again in Gethsemane which immediately follows it in death furnish its more precise specification glorifying the -... The servants of Christ ’ s prayer in Ephesians 3:17-19 to zeal in devotion outstanding and all pervasive love John... He means, the Gospel According to John 16:33. heaven = the heaven ( )..., будто бежим настолько хорошо, что упомянутая любовь распространяется на нас, должны быть истинными членами Его тела hour... Trifle with that which went on its unbending Way, the day-spring of their eternal glory учит, не. üBerall. ” Lücke ” we can not be ; the words contained in the whole treatment of by. Will make known [ ‘ declare ’ ] ) He did not die to make His Father loving... John 13:31 to John 16:33. heaven = the heaven ( singular ) see on Matthew 6:9, Matthew 6:10..! Seldom depicts the gestures or looks of our Lord, as John quoted Him by being known in deeds. That were to gather His redeemed in all time be pleaded in prayer yet larger measure, by,!

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